Pallavi Kulkarni - निसर्ग रंग

Pallavi Kulkarni

Environment Researcher
Brief info

Pallavi was interested in travelling since her school days and she developed a keen interest in nature. She started participating in small and big programs of the forest department and later decided to pursue a career in the same field. She completed her higher education in the field of environment science. She participated in a research project done in Konkan and Solapur to produce biodiesel from Karanj tree. She helped in the collection of Ganesh idols installed by citizens and the flowers offered during the puja (Nirmalya) to avoid pollution and worked towards scientific handling of the idols and nirmalya. Kulkarni has also worked in a private company regarding the legalities of disposal of their electronic equipment. In NisargaRanga, Kulkarni will be answering all questions regarding nature popping in children’s minds.