निसर्ग रंगमध्ये तुमचं स्वागत आहे!


Special Spiderman

Cobwebs are seen in corners of the house that have not been cleaned recently. We see our parents taking efforts to clean cobwebs. These differently shaped cobwebs are made by not an insect but an arachnid known as spider. Curiosity about spiders attracted Ashwin dada aka Ashwin Warudkar to study them. He went to forests and wild areas to understand the life of a spider. That’s why he is now known as Real Spiderman

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Young Environmentalist: Licypriya

Many people around the world are working for environment conservation. Some years back, a little girl named Greta Thunberg raised her voice against pollution. The movement she started is an inspiration to many.

Much like her, a young Indian girl named Licypriya Langujam is leading in environment protection. Her movement has now turned global. 

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