Dharmaraj Patil - निसर्ग रंग

Dharmaraj Patil

Bird Researcher
Brief info

Dharmaraj picked up a career in the field of environment because of his keen interest in wildlife, birds and nature. He is a wildlife researcher and environment advisor associated with several national organizations. He has special interest in studying birds and butterflies in the wild. He is a member of the Species Survival Commission of IUCN, an international organisation. He has done in depth study of endemic birds of the Western Ghats. While researching on the rare Forest Owlet, he discovered a new forest area where the bird is endemic.
He has set up biodiversity committees in 25 villages of Maharashtra and eight in Madhya Pradesh and helped mark the biodiversity in each of these villages. He is the founder director of Jeevitnadi – the Living River Foundation. Dharmaraj will be taking NisargaRanga readers on a wonderful journey into the world of birds.