Young Environmentalist: Licypriya Langujam
Young Environmentalist: Licypriya

Many people around the world are working for environment conservation. Some years back, a little girl named Greta Thunberg raised her voice against pollution. The movement she started is an inspiration to many.

Much like her, a young Indian girl named Licypriya Langujam is leading in environment protection. Her movement has now turned global. 

Licypriya Langujam’s first came into focus during a Climate Change Conference in Spain some years back. At that time, she was just eight years old. Some of the things done by grown-ups has led to a rise in pollution and damaged environment. It has threatened the future of children. Without fearing anyone, she asked whether when today’s children grow up, will they be able to enjoy nature, will their health be affected by pollution? Because of her daring to ask such tough questions on a global platform, she became immensely popular.

Licypriya considers Sweden’s environment activist Greta Thunberg as her idol. Greta’s daring to take on global leaders and work towards environment conservation is known across the world. Many children in our country have participated in the Friday for Future chain agitations. Licypriya took inspiration from these agitations and spoke with confidence.

Greta Thunberg and Licypriya
Greta Thunberg and & Licypriya

Licypriya was born in Imphal and speaks Manipuri.

She grew up in Delhi and Bhuvaneshwar due to her father’s job.

She became sensitive towards nature after observing things around here, TV and newspaper news about pollution and environment. She gave her first speech on environment protection at the age of six! Licypriya soon became known for her earnest and confident speeches. She began participating in conferences and discussions. She gave her first speech in 2018 at Mongolia during the third ‘Asia Ministerial Conference For Disaster Risk Reduction’. Her life changed after that.

After returning from Mongolia, Licypriya started ‘The Child Movement’ with the help of her father. She participated in local protests. Over the last four years, she has participated in various conferences in 22 countries.

She wanted to present her thoughts at the Global Climate Change Conference of the United Nations Organisation four years back. But for that, she had to go to Spain. It needed a lot of money. Her father wrote to the government, but didn’t get any reply. Finally, one person from Bhuvaneshwar booked the air tickets for her and her mother pawned her gold chain to arrange for the stay in Madrid.

Two days before the conference, Spanish government sent her an email saying that it would fund her stay for 13 days.

She reached Madrid after overcoming many obstacles and gave a marvelous speech. Without feeling any fear or pressure, she voiced her concern about environment. She said that she feels very scared after watching news of natural calamities on TV. Many people are killed in earthquakes, cyclones and floods. I feel bad when I see families devastated and children orphaned. I wonder if there will be any good left for children when they grow up, she said.

She urged everyone to come together to ensure a clean environment for future children. She appealed to everyone to set aside their differences to save the Earth. Her speech was lauded by environmentalists and scientists. They appreciated that a small girl was guiding the world. Licypriya became popular since then.

Licypriya wants to go to the moon in a rocket after growing up. She wants to beautify the moon. It would have clean air, clean water. She said she wants to see nature’s bounty on the moon because she feels that when her generation grows up, the earth will be destroyed.

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